Our mission

The Lannie D. Chesapeake Lighthouse is on a mission to normalize the idea of people who are blind working in all industries (even the ones that may be surprising), at a comparable employment rate with our sighted peers.

We meet people where they are, while providing tools to job seekers and services to connect them with hiring managers in creative ways, including educational entertainment.

We understand that blindness SEES no borders. People of all colors are blind, and we come from all economic backgrounds, and from every corner of society.

We believe it is noble to strive for employment, and to thrive in it. Furthermore, we cheer as we join with other groups to watch the current employment rate become something of history.

We declare that the unemployment rate among the blind will drop by 50% by 2030, and we submit to the world our share the work in a 3-PILLAR-PLAN.

We do this humbly, and with great pride as we SEE this as our generation adding another thread in this well loved fabric which is our shared mission and cause. It has been carried by better people than we are, and through many decades. We remember. We are grateful to follow in the footsteps of giants such as Louis Braille, Hellen Keller, and Lannie Dennis. We thank you, and as this work moves forward… We honor you.

Did you know that unemployment rates among people who are blind are well over 70%?